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For my cell similes project I chosed a Laptop computer. Below you can see the parts of a laptop and how they are compared to a
  1. The Nucleus is like a Cpu because like the nucleus the CPu of a computer directs all activites that go on it the computer
  2. I think the cell membrane is like a floppy driver because it allows information to move in and out of the computer
  3. The vacuole is like the hard drive of a computer because the hard drive stores information in the computer to be used another time.
  4. I think the cytoplasam is like the empty space in a computer
  5. I think the mitochondria is like the batteri of the laptop because they both provide power
  6. The endoplasmic reticulum is like the wiring of the laptop because they both send stuff through them
  7. I think the chloroplast is like the moniter because they make color
  8. The cell wall is like outer caseing of the laptop



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